Effective guided tours for children and young people: Insights from the Munich workshop

In Munich, I recently held a specialized workshop dedicated to improving guided tours for children and young people. The focus was on the needs of children and young people and the discussion of methods for inspiring young target groups. This workshop, supported by Kordula KranzbĂĽhler from Munich Tourism, provided a platform for tour guides to expand their skills in this important area.

The workshop began with a virtual tour of Linz. This served as a practical example to present various methods and encourage participants to actively engage with the topic. The resulting discussions highlighted various approaches and challenges in the context of pressure to perform, the incentive to compete, the urge to play versus the pedagogical approach

A key aspect of the workshop was the detailed consideration of the needs of the various stakeholders: Children, young people, teachers and tour guides. This analysis is fundamental to developing guided tours that are both informative and age-appropriate.

Working in groups, the participants developed a highlights tour through Munich that was tailored to different age groups. This exercise not only promoted the creative process, but also the practical application of the methods learned, the consideration of different types of perception and the incorporation of dramaturgical elements with tension and relaxation arcs.

The workshop ended with role plays at the Old Town Hall in Munich, where there was a lot of laughter and self-testing.

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