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Sebastian Frankenberger

WFTGA Convention Prague 2015

The Convention of WFTGA (World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations) in Prague made great impression on me. From the first day on I’d felt an incredibly open-minded mood between the tour guides from all around the world. 
In addition to great sightseeing in Prague and the surrounding area, there were many interesting trainings and workshops. 
The peaceful, transnational, collaborative atmosphere at the gala evening is going to stay in my mind for a very long time. The dance floor was full and whether the guides were from Iran, China or America, everybody danced cheerfully together. 
It would be a blessing for all people in the world if politics could adopt to this WFTGA spirit in Prague. I can’t really put this week into words and so I have packed it into a movie, which I showed to the participants at the end of the WFTGA convention.