The revolution of cultural experience: How AI is redefining the way we learn and discover

In the eternal city of Rome, surrounded by the countless treasures of the Galleria Borghese, I recently had an experience that not only changed my perspective on art and culture, but also on the role of technology in our access to these treasures. Imagine you are strolling through the halls of a museum and your…

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Only until January 18 – Register now for virtual participation in the international guide meeting

Dear Guide colleagues, I hope you are as excited as I am as we look back on a successful 2023 that has almost brought us back to our normal level of leadership! Let us now look forward to 2024 with anticipation, because exciting events await us. One of the absolute highlights will be the WFTGA…

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Q&A Webinar on the WFTGA Convention 2024 in German on May 31 at 7:00 p.m.

The World Federation of Tourist Guides Associations organizes a worldwide meeting every 2 years. In 2024 the next one will take place in Sicily. When guest guides / tour guides / certified guides meet, it always feels like a family reunion and even newcomers are integrated immediately. In addition to many interesting visits throughout Sicily…

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Is Augmented Reality (AR) the future of city tours?

Right now I’m in Tel Aviv gathering ideas for an augmented reality city tour project. In Israel, they are technologically ahead of us in this respect. The Graffiti Tour from is just awesome! Through extraordinary graffiti with AR, the exciting history of the city is brought to life. In addition, there is really great…

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