About Me

The common thread that runs through my life is that I want to make a difference. I would like to have contributed to the fact that following generations will find a livable planet with a lovable coexistence.

Love it, change it or leave it.

This motto fits very well with my social commitment. First in the Catholic Church, then in politics, then in various interest groups. As I have often offended others with my unconventional ideas, fast pace, self-taught further developments and leadership responsibility and have thus mostly been exposed to envy, mobbing and hostility, I have withdrawn from the public sector and try to implement my philosophy in my companies and thereby make a contribution to social change.

Official resume

Sebastian Frankenberger, born in Passau in 1981, has established his professional presence in Vienna, Linz and Passau. He studied mathematics, physics and theology in Passau, Regensburg and Rome, which provided him with a rich and varied foundation for his career.

He currently heads the Tourism Training Institute. His business acumen is further evidenced by the founding and management of several companies, including DonauGuides GmbH, Guide-Training, StadtLux, Hybrid-Streaming and austriaguide.at. These ventures reflect his deep understanding and innovative spirit in the tourism sector, especially along the Danube.

As an internationally recognized consultant and keynote speaker, Sebastian specializes in creating captivating experiences. He is recognized for his expertise in capturing guest needs, developing narratives and designing experiences, focusing on creating unique and memorable guest experiences.

His workshops are known for their engaging, interactive and enjoyable format, ensuring a dynamic and enjoyable learning experience for participants.

In addition to his professional roles, Sebastian is still active as a guide. On his tours, he meets the participants at eye level, more like a guide who enjoys discussing current topics. His involvement in various fields makes him an ideal interlocutor who can connect with people on a variety of topics.

In his free time, Sebastian is passionate about exploring the region. He knows almost every museum, every church and every secret place inside out and is always keen to discover special hidden places. His extensive network means he always knows someone interesting to talk to, which makes every conversation with him both insightful and engaging.

He became better known through the referendum for real non-smoker protection in Bavaria. In addition, he was the federal chairman of the Ecological Democratic Party (ÖDP), vice president of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations, a city councilor in Passau, and was involved in the Austrian Chamber of Commerce as an industry spokesman.

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