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Discover the hidden treasures along the Danube with me, Sebastian Frankenberger. As a native of Passau who has lost his heart to Austria, I offer you tailor-made tours full of history, culture and unforgettable moments.


About me as a guide

My passion for history and art history began in Passau, led me to Regensburg and was further deepened by my involvement in Linz and Vienna. As a former politician and active participant in numerous associations and cultural initiatives, I bring you closer to the Danube and its regions in a personal and profound way.


My tours

  • Guided city tours: Explore with me the historic cities of Passau, Linz, Wachau and Vienna and all the other small picturesque towns in this region or in the Salzkammergut, the Mühlviertel, Lower Bavaria and the neighboring Czech Republic.
  • Cycling tours and hiking excursions: experience the natural beauty of the Danube.
  • Guided tours lasting several days: Immerse yourself in the culture and history of the Danube region.


What’s special about my tours

Every tour with me is a unique experience, characterized by my deep roots in the local history and culture. I go off the beaten track and offer you insights into life along the Danube that you won’t find in any travel guide. With a keen sense for the needs of my guests, I customize each tour to ensure a personal and enriching experience. I’m not just interested in showing places, but in bringing the stories and people behind them to life.

As a proud contributor to the EU project “Trans Danube Travel Stories”, I had the opportunity to help design unique routes along the Danube. This experience enables me to provide you with exclusive insights and special routes that reveal the beauty and diversity of this European lifeline. My aim is not only to introduce you to the sights, but also to give you a comprehensive understanding of the region and its cultural characteristics.



  • Hourly rate: 150 € (minimum booking: 2 hours, maximum 15 pax)
  • Full day tours: From 1000 €
  • Cancellation free of charge up to 14 days before the tour.