night of the open churches


Plakat Nacht der offenen KirchenWhen I was in Vienna experienced the long night of Churches in 2006, I was very impressed by the spiritual atmosphere that people had with the program booklet while strolling in the streets and of course the exciting programs in the churches I partly that night for the first time met.
With this enthusiasm, I spoke on the street outside the Passau Cathedral randomly with Martin Goeth and so in 2007 we launched the attempt to raise the like in Passau. With the first night and almost 10,000 visitors we managed a very mystical night in old town of Passau 16 churches with over 40 program offerings, liturgical rituals on Gregorian chants, readings, musical performances and places of rest. 2009 was the sequel we highlight as a light installation that have newly discovered by many people including the Passau Cathedral.
Important in the organization of the church night to me is that everyone – no matter if with or without denomination – is an access and that the night is a unit from start to finish. Especially the final prayer in the cathedral is particularly important to me, should not stand in the glory of Christ in the foreground, but the Creatively positives of the Gospel, just the love of God which is bedingunslos. At the end there was a bookmark, what people will remember this night, when they need strength and energy.
Currently we are again at the organization of the church next night 2015 turn.

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