shalom-paulusWith several years, I play in the musical group Shalom. I’m looking forward to December, when we are traveling with our Nicolaus’s Kids Musical again. Otherwise I play “Journey around the world” at the wishy-washy the Indians with the limp rag and the Africans Hongo Bongo from the Congo. The music for the musicals writes Martin Goeth, with whom I also organize the Night of Open Churches in Passau.
The Musical Paul is succeeded him something special. I am running as an evangelist Luke through the life of Paul. Along with singers of musical association Jaegerwirt eV we proclaim in churches that are lit only by candles, the Good News of Jesus and the spirituality of Paul.
I myself am currently writing the libretto for a musical Jesus, in which not the life of Jesus is the focus, but his parables. In my book I have already ventured to attempt a first interpretation.