light installations

lichtinstallation linzIt all started when we first staged gallery openings of artist friends with my buddy Luke. With our small light equipment we did generated very quickly a mystical atmosphere. A key experience was the a long According to the long night of the churches in Vienna in 2006. A light installation by Stefan Knorr in Vienna Stephans Cathedral has impressed me so much that I myself first initiated a church night in Passau. In the middle of the organization to the second church night I met on the train the aspiring light artist Michael Kantrowitch. A friendship developed and the light installation in Passau Cathedral, where I wrote the spiritual concept and together with director Christoph Schletz the architecture of the ceiling frescoes and statues with light dramatic effects led to a comprehensive sensing mysticism. The following year, Michael and I have set the Linz Cathedral in color.
We also prepare again before the next project for 2015, but welcome any request for light installations, not only in churches.