referendum non smoking protection


In May 2009, the Bavarian ÖDP with Pro Smoke Free, Non smoking protection of the Initiative Munich and the Medical Action Group on Smoking and Health launched the “petition for genuine Non smoking protection”. I had this idea and was therefore also the organizer of the Alliance team. The approval hurdle of 25,000 signatures was taken within a few weeks and finally 40,000 signatures were submitted to the Ministry of Interior.

During the 14-day registration period from 19.11. 2.12.2009 to be 1,298,746 electors Bavarian citizens contributed in a respective city hall. This 10% threshold – hardly beatable – was skipped phenomenal 13.9% (the last referendum, which managed this hurdle in Bavaria, was also of the ÖDP for the abolition of the Senate). In the meantime grown Alliance Team, among others of Greens, SPD, doctors, pharmacies, the federal nature protection and many sports clubs, we dared even our eyes when the official result was announced.

The referendum on July 4, 2010, we finally won despite a very low budget against the financially powerful tobacco lobby with unique 61% votes with a turnout of 37.7%.
In my book I go specifically a how developed the idea of what occurred in the organization of the problems, and above all, how I got clear with the many hostilities in retrospect.


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