my philosophy

frankenberger_philosophieFor me, humans have an incredibly huge positive power and energy. Human beings just do not realize all that individual as well as collective power and responsibility they have. Much takes place in the subconscious. Maybe lots we can not understand by our minds. But the creative power within us – that is exactly the divinity, which is in every person. Therefore, I try to see something positive in everyone, even in every action, and try not to condemn anyone. At this point, my training of becoming a NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner helped me very much. Important is becoming aware of this responsibility and power by (self-)reflection in order to realize the range of our deeds. A key point is that we’re going to know ourselves, our identity and our culture better. Because only then can we meet the other without blinders, go into discussion processes and exchange ideas.

This philosophy, or rather first and foremost the process of reflecting I try to bring to teenagers whereas there is an uncountable amount to learn from the young people’s uncomplicated nature. But when time goes by, there always comes a moment when this work at the base is no longer sufficient to me, because we will reach the world only through a more informed education that takes time for individual support and teaches reflection. Politically, I’m aiming at creating structures especially in youth work and education but also more generally in society in which (Christian) humanity may be more considered. In my book, I have discussed all this in more detail.