permanent debating world record

During the campaign for the regional elections in March 2011 in Baden-Württemberg, I was invited to a debate on direct democracy by the club armed Culture at the University of Tübingen. When subsequent drink in the pub, I was invited to the world record attempt. This challenge, of course, I accepted to immediately. So we started on 24 June 2011 at 16:00 clock in the small hall of the University Senate with the permanent debating world record attempt. We were a total of six madmen who competed in two teams against each other. In 44 debates, we discussed to Sunday lunch without sleep and break various topics. The final took Heiner Geissler, the patron of the event. In addition to the physical challenge it was a rhetorical and athletic. For example, I had to argue against more citizen participation and against a stricter smoking ban. It was really exciting, sometimes assume the other position.

I would recommend anyone to take on once such a debate. It broadens the horizon and you learn to objectively argue, listen and respond to the other team. Just 44 hours are really long. So I had at the end on the way to the hotel are supported, because I like a noise (which I never had) am staggering and could no longer walk alone.