Ecological-Democratic Party

In 2004 I came to the ÖDP, the Ecological-Democratic Party, because I could not express my free will in the CSU and was always referred to as eco-spies.
From autumn 2010 until 2014 I was the national chairman. For me, the ÖDP is the only party in which I can be active at a time, because she refuses Group donations according to the statute. Therefore, it stands for independent policy for the benefit of people and planet and can not buy from the economy.

In the ÖDP people work together, the holistic thinking and working together. So we can develop responsible solutions to maintain a livable world.

We distinguish ourselves from other parties:

  • by ecological and social economic policy,
  • through sustainable environmental, agricultural and animal welfare policy,
  • by a conservative, Christian-humanistic, value-oriented family policy and
  • because we always advocate Europe, but critical for us to use more civil rights.

Our 6500 members and 400 elected representatives put this policy in every day at the local parliaments. We continue to draw by direct democratic voting successfully in state politics.


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