curriculum vitae

Foto Frankenberger BaumI was born on 09/17/1981 in Passau Children’s Hospital. My parents are Hedwig Frankenberger (born Braunschmidt. Former school teacher, born in 1945) and Werner Frankenberger (ex. Official at the site management of the German Federal Armed Forces location Passau, born 1933). Both of course of Passau.

From 1988-1992 I was in the Auerbach elementary school. After the First Holy Communion, I was an altar boy in St. Joseph. Then I visited the Adalbert-StifterGrammar School, where even my grandpa math / physics teacher was. The school was a great time for me because I was me, let off steam in various activities, whether in the choir, the orchestra, or in the theater group. My first political experience I gained as a student speaker and as low Bavarian district student speaker.




kardinalratzingerAfter my graduation in 2001 I first studied math / physics high school teacher in Regensburg. But this study, which has to do with school education very little and a little more time for community involvement can, told me not to really. I wanted to be a teacher and not scientists. So I tried to engage me on university policy, to change something in these states and founded the Regensburg University Student Councils (RUF). However, I realized that a science degree was not my path and studied from 2003 in Passau theology with the goal of becoming Pastoralreferent. The family atmosphere at the Catholic Faculty was just a dream. So I was also elected student council spokesman and representative on the student’s Convention and student senator from 2004 to 2006. However, Bishop Wilhelm Schraml told us in 2006 that we would get as Pastoralrefenrenten no job because only priests were still in need. As the church has dealt with us students, has severely shaken me and opened my eyes, so I definitely do not want to have the Catholic Church as my employer.




frankenberger FremdenführerI always had the goal in mind to do something with people and thereby also to fundamentally create-altering. But the path to this goal also had to fit to me. I have also always been further training while studying, so I was a qualified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic programieren) Practitioner in Regensburg. Since I was active as a city guide since 2003 in Passau. 2007 I a was training to become a certified Austria Guide in Linz and then founded with some of the staff StadtLux in Linz. Since then I make costume theatre-tours in Linz, Salzburg, Vienna and Prague. What the customer wants, he gets, the money is not the most important thing to me.  In 2006 I became the parish council chairman in my home parish of St. Joseph – Auerbach. Because there was a lack of volunteers for crisis priests, I agreed to take this service to others, but not to complete without a year’s training in the Diocese of Linz. In 2008 I was hired as a temporary teacher of religion at the secondary school Neuhaus am Inn in the spring, following which a project to appreciation of the students and strengthening their self-awareness through.






frankenberger nichtraucherschutzIn politics, I joined in 2004 by the CSU to ÖDP, because I was not allowed to express my opinion publicly ecological within the CSU. Back in 2005 I was elected to the Bavarian State Executive Committee of the ÖDP and was responsible from 2008 as Deputy Managing Director for several elections. In the local elections, I was elected to the City Council in 2008 of Passau. In May 2009, I began with the organization of the non smoking protection referendum that we were unsuccessful on July 4, 2010. In the fall of 2010 I was finally elected national chairman of the Ecological-Democratic Party (ÖDP). But because I do not want to be a full-time politician and was also selected in addition to this Board Office at More Democracy in the Bavarian State Executive Committee, I joined in March 2011 by my City Council mandate in Passau back. Me is also important that I am not financially dependent on the policy. Also I need to work on the base with youth groups or in the emergency counseling to draw some motivation again for my political work. My philosophy is also influenced by the fact that I often try very polarizing actions to place food for thought, but always have a deeper meaning.



This is also the common thread that runs through my life. I want to change something, I would have made a contribution to ensuring that future generations find a livable planet with an adorable together. To achieve this, it is most important that we reflect on our lives, finding the right way to ourselves and be happy with it. I have found my way and I can say in retrospect that it was not the easiest, but exactly the right thing and I do not regret anything. What the future holds, I do not know. I hope that I remain always reflected. Therefore, it may well be that I am over 10 years mountain farmer or strip development aid in Africa.