I organized at the secondary school Neuhaus am Inn in 2008 for the first time a project for students. The aim was to present an evening closer to the school founder and nun Mary Ward.

In 14 stations the students from the 5th to 8th grades of secondary school recorded the life of Mary Ward (1585-1645) with all your senses to experience. The path led through the whole monastery complex of the Congregation of Jesus, which is also in Neuhaus beneficial effect in the education of young people since 1859. Accompanied by students in historical costumes the guests of the lights path discovered the traces of life of nunnery-founder, their decision for the message of the Gospel, their entry into the monastic community, the creation of their own religious rules, their evangelization also in the underground at the time of the persecution of Catholics in England. He managed a moving combination of acrobatics and dance, music and lighting effects, movement and meditation. Whether its place, each brought his skills to the project with a, the set as actors, musicians, dancers, whether in the foreground or behind the scenes as a lighting technician, technicians or leaders, the students were highly focused on the task, each had in many months of preparation time had been. At the end I produced a film, so that everyone has once again noticed a sustainable esteem.