City Council of Passau

In March 2008, I was selected for the ÖDP in the Passau city council. Local politics in my home town is close to my heart. When I was not on the city council, I organized a citizens petition to the “opening of the ring road” and for “more green in the convent garden ‘. When citizens desire “for a modest Neue Mitte” I was active in the background.
Sorry, but demanded the post of national chairman of the ÖDP just starting out but more time and especially local presence in the district associations, as I had originally thought, so I’m rarely in Passau. Just participate in plenary sessions would be enough for me and I would not meet my own demands on the mandate. Also, I do not want to just unilaterally make policy and also spend time for my spiritual commitment and my city tours in Austria. But I will continue to support the City Council policy attention and later could imagine a renewed commitment.